Monday, September 2, 2013

PAX Prime Seattle!

About 3-4 days of planning to go to PAX prime on Sunday me and 4 other friends drove down to Seattle for the event! I'll admit I'm not a hardcore gamer, I just like to play League to pass time and watch the games. Here's an album load of photos! :)


Almost reaching downtown Seattle!

The skyline of Seattle! :D


The booths around PAX

A large booth for Cards Against Humanity!

Waiting in the queue room to get into the main showing room of the mainstage

Shoutcasters on the left, and the stage on the right

Complexity win over Cognitive Gaming, Jatt and Riv in the screen :>

Found Phreak as he was preparing to shoutcast for the next game

Time to get Phreaky

Jatt and Riv

Pr0lly from Complexity who placed 1st in the PAX Spring Promotional Qualifiers!

Sorry my thumb, but Vulcun vs. Dig setting up!

Bans are shown on the straight screen, and picks are shown right behind the players

Cat butt :3


Saintvicious from Curse

Bloodwater from Vulcun.
I expected him to be serious or show little to no emotion.
Me: Bloodwater! Can I take a photo with you?
Bloodwater: Sure, do you want me to smile?
Me: Uhm yes?
That was funny and unexpected.. and he's so tall.

Kiwikid from Dignitas! (We stalked him... i feel so bad :( )

Travis from GameSpot
I asked him where doublelift was and he said, "Oh god not this again."
Really nice guy though, told me good luck on finding him. :)

I found him!
Doublelift from Counter Logic Gaming :')
Happiest moment, heart skipped a beat. :$

Crazy Nami cosplay, best cosplay I saw all day.
The staff is made really well and same with the tail
TheOddOne from Team Solo Mid!

SeaNanners prepping to play against a fan at the Machinima booth

Crumbzz from Dignitas
A Vancouver homie :>

WildTurtle from Team Solo Mid! 

Xpecial from Team Solo Mid
I had such a great time meeting the pros at PAX, and I hope I'll get to go again next year. Even though my friends and I did last minute planning for it, it really paid off.

Oh and if anyone was interested in what I was wearing
Burgundy cardigan: Lifetime
Lace tank top: Dynamite
Leggings: Forever21
Combat boots: Sears
Bag: Thrifted

Until next time you guise! Nora :3

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