Saturday, May 11, 2013

Amazing Value Village Steals!

Oh no, Value Village didn't steal from me, haaa no! It's the other way around, I'm getting great steals from Value Village! Yesterday I was with Candy and we were really bored, we had nothing to do since all our other friends had something to do on a Friday night. We decided to go grab some dinner and then just out of no where she said, "let's go thrift shopping." What what what what what what. *Commence Thift Store - Macklemore* The first area we checked was the shoe section. Now I have small feet, I'm a size 5 so my selection is very limited. I saw a pair of boots and I thought, "Oh my God... could this be a size 5!?" Turned the shoe around and nope, it was a size 37. Disappointed, I kept looking hoping I was able to find something for myself soon. Candy though, found a pair of nude pumps from Aldo for only $13! But okay less talking! I found a pair of these booties!
I was thinking of matching these with a light coloured pair of jeans or maybe some tights. But I really like the chunky heel to add some height for me :P And these babies were only $10! Later went to the bag area, hoping that maybe some crazy lady gave up an authentic Louis Vuitton bag or something haha. Instead I found a bag that looked very similar to a Balenciaga bag. *There was also a photocopy of cremation papers in there? creeeepy...* But I got this bag for $13, not bad right?

I usually never find anything at Value Village or thrift shops in general but this is probably the best find I've gotten from there so far. 

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