Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Quick Quick OOTD & Haul

Okay generally I don't find anything to buy at Value Village clothing wise because I don't know! I don't find many clothing items appealing there. But I started going through the male section and looking at their t-shirts and I found a Crooks & Castles t-shirt for $1.99 and a University of Southern California t-shirt for $3.99. I'm planning to cut these so I'll have some tank tops to wear for the summer. :D Also found a H&M beige blazer for $7.99. :) I think I might be getting obsessed with going to the thrift store... oh my.
Crooks & Castles t-shirt - $1.99
University of Southern California t-shirt - $3.99

Beige H&M Blazer - $7.99

Quick Quick OOTD
Navy Velvet Blazer: RW&CO
Gray Scoop Neck Long Sleeve: Old Navy
Pants: Urban Planet
Belt: Found it in my closet probably belonged to my brother idk
Cross Chain Necklace: Urban Planet

 meowweow~ Until next time, 


  1. Cute outfit! c:
    New follower (saw you on Soompi)! Looking forward to your future OOTDs~ :'D

    1. Thanks hun! Thanks for the follow :D
      Yes I'll be posting more OOTDs soon ^___^!

  2. Replies
    1. I like it a lot too ^___^! I wear it a lot nowadays haha.