Friday, May 24, 2013

Review: Colour B4 Extra

So I was at the hair dying section at London drugs since I've been wanting to dye my hair to a medium ish brown for the longest time. My problem is is that I dyed my hair black in December. Now using a brown hair dye over hair dyed black is not going to work. (I've tried it turned out horrible) I found this colour stripper called Colour B4 in the hair dye aisle and it looked really interesting! I've never seen it before and it also stated that you can make your hair lighter without bleach. Interested, I bought a box for $12.99. 

The example on the box of course is kinda too ridiculous. I know my hair won't turn out that brown. 

My hair before using Colour B4 was black with blonde peekaboos.

Taken by my bedroom window, you can see my hair is pretty dark. But when it's under direct sunlight it's a dark brown with a little bit of red. 
After using Colour B4 my hair is visibly brown! 
Taken with the bright light in the bathroom you can see that my hair is brown! It's crazy I didn't expect that it would turn that brown. You can tell by my ends that it's most definitely brown. 

Summary: Colour B4 worked better than I expected. It turned my hair really brown and I thought it wouldn't have worked at all! I haven't seen my hair in this colour for two years! I am very happy with the result. Time to colour over this and get rid of the blonde now haha ;) 


Oh yeah and currently watching the League of Legends All Stars Championships right now. Go North America! In liftlift we trust! ^___^ <3

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