Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Canada Day!

Happy belated Canada Day. I can't believe that all canadians were born on the same day! (insert sarcasm) 
I had to work on Canada Day but that didn't stop me from going out and having fun. :)

My friends and I had a pretty decent spot nearby Canada Place and you could see the sunsetting ^___^

The beautiful skyscrapers behind us. And the Shaw building on the left with the strip of blue light. It reminds me of Tron haha. 

Pretty pretty 

Pretty pretty

Sorry, ultra shaky hands and all that blur. But there were so many people downtown it was pretty crazy. The last time I've seen so many people all at once was probably back in 2011 during the Stanley cup game 7 (the one with the riot and stuff)
Welp, I have two days off from work and I'll try to keep you guys updated. Until then,
Nora. c:

Oh and a photo of Candy and I! (The only photo I have that I look decent in...) 

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  1. That's a pretty sunset! Hahah I remember the Stanley Cup thing..