Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Longest haircut of my life!

Chiffon Top: Papaya
Bottoms: Urban Planet
Brown Flats: Cathy Jean

So today was supposed to be my day off from work. But of course they want to schedule all the new hires for a training session on my day off though :'( so I had to work until 2:30 PM. Which isn't that bad because getting off at 2:30PM is a bliss. Main plan today was just to go downtown and get a haircut with Cindy at John Casablancas Institute. 

We learned how to file in missing bags at work today. ^_^
(I know you're probably looking at this photo thinking wtf is this 

Granville Skytrain Station! I never knew it was that steep LOL. It was my first time going to this station. 

Cindy and I were waiting for our haircuts and behind the building where we got it cut was this really pretty (residential?) building. You can see the SFU flag on the right poking out. :) There was also a tiny little... mall(?) with a basketball hoop and stairs that looked like a slide inside. 

Them selfies after the haircut! Hehehehe....

On the left is when we both got a haircut together back in October 2012.
On the right is today, 9th July 2013.
Our hair has grown a lot LOL, and our fringe still parts the same way.

Haircut Experience:
1. It was $10 no tax no tips
2. It' was done by students
3. This was our second time going to John Casablancas
4. I asked to get a trim for the fringe, half and inch off my length to get rid of split ends, and thinning it out by getting internal layers.
5. Our haircuts took about two hours!!!!!!!???!?!?! (I SAT THERE AND WEEPED FOR IT TO END)
6. I'm not fully satisfied with my bangs. I think I'm the only one that can cut my fringe the way I like it.

Overall, I don't want to complain too much since it was only $10 and were done by students. But I don't think I'll be going there again, at least not going there to get my bangs trimmed, I'm going to leave that for myself. I honestly don't remember my first hair cut at JCI being two hours, but I was surprised to find out it was already 8:10 PM when I finished my haircut. (Mind you our appointment was at 5:45 PM) On the brightside, my hair is thinned out for the summer and my bangs grow ultra fast. They'll be past my eyes within a week. >___>" Next time I'll probably be going to a non-school salon that's within my city. Downtown is a little too far for me. ^___^"
Welp, until next time... Nora. щ(ಥДಥщ)


  1. Holy moly 2 hours for two haircuts is still long (-.-) even for $10. . .

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  3. Holy crap, 2 hours LOL. How did it take so long @___@??

    1. The person who cut my hair took like an hour blow drying each section of my hair ;_; and then like a long time cutting my bangs.